Magmark Coatings

Our Magmark™ coating platform drives circularity for a wide range of packaging formats.

Magmark SS

Coatings for Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves are eye-catching labels conforming to the shape of the container, with proven marketing benefits. Shrink sleeves are also the largest impediment to recycling owing to a lack of separation. 

Magmark™ SS coatings are specifically designed to achieve magnetic separation of shrink sleeves while keeping in mind performance requirements for shrink labels.

Magmark PS

Coatings for Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels go on a wide variety of products contained in HDPE containers, from shampoo to milk. Adhesive containing labels on HDPE are extremely problematic for recycling.

Magmark™ PS coatings designed to remove labels not separated from bottle flake during recycling. 

Magmark ML

Coatings for Multilayer Packaging

From confectionary to condiment sachets, multilayer flexible packaging is commonplace. However, inability to separate in recycling facilities leads to such packaging being categorized as non-recyclable.

Magmark™ ML coatings are designed to enhance separation of multilayer packaging in recycling facilities leading to scalable recycling practices.

Our Coatings Are


Complement current high-speed printing with no impact to operations.


Enable recycling by imparting magnetic functionality.


Are cost-equivalent to adding a color to brand artwork.


Do not affect brand artwork or design.


Comply with all relevant safety regulations for indirect food contact.


Are designed to not bleed during wash steps in recycling operations.


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